Social Drilling

Social Drilling

As an established drilling service company, we encounter plenty of social problems when conducting our services in remote places of Indonesian archipelago. One of them is the inability of local people to obtain clean water continuously. The usual reasons for this particular problem are the depth of water table and the unavailability of capable drilling machines to penetrate such depth, since it is almost impossible to dig the well with manual labor.

On the other hand, we also encounter financially capable companies or individuals who are willing to donate their money into this specific problem. Unfortunately, other existing platforms to handle their donation are not specialized to cater the problems.

We will solve the problem by utilizing our expertise in drilling and constructing well, with financial support from the willing companies or individuals in our social venture platform, specialized in catering water problems in remote places throughout Indonesian archipelago.

  • Established in 1971, as the first nationwide water well drilling company in Indonesia, we progressed to become one of the national leaders in comprehensive water resources management company that served integrated services on water field industries. The impressive professional background for more than 50 years and the strong experience within the water well drilling services recommended SUPRA as one of the most trusted business partners in this field.

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